Q:  What type of flat and low slope roofs can HydroStop be applied over?

A:  The HydroStop PremiumCoat® Roofing System can be applied on a wide variety of substrates with a  number of color options.

  •  Metal

  •  Concrete

  •  LWC

  •  Single-Ply

  •  TPO

  •  PVC

  •  EPDM

  •  Rubber

  •  Wood

  •  Asphalt

  •  BUR

  •  Mod Bit


Q:  What do you mean about HydroStop being a “green” roofing product?

A:  Roofing tear-offs result in 9-10 million tons of old roof waste being placed yearly into landfills.  By choosing to install HydroStop over the existing roof, all that roof waste will be eliminated and significantly less waste will be going into our landfills.

Q:  How much can I expect to save in energy costs?


A:  There are a number of savings property owners can anticipate: tax deductions, utility rebates and up to 30% of your energy costs. Check out GAF’S

Q:  What does a “cool roof” mean?


A:  “A cool roof reflects and emits the sun’s heat back to the sky instead of transferring it to the building below. ’Coolness’ is measured by two properties, solar reflectance and thermal emittance…the higher the value the “cooler” the roof.” Source: CRRC website:


PremiumCoat® System White – SRI 99 (Solar Reflexive Index), Reflectivity = 79%,Thermal Emittance = 90%

Q:  Does GAF's HydroStop offer only roofing products?


A:  No, Hydrostop includes products for your complete building envelope waterproofing needs:

FlexCoat – Wall Coating for stucco (crack-bridging elastomeric exterior wall coating)

ClearGaurd Plus – protects masonry, brick, terra cotta, unglazed tile & stone

BarrierGaurd – foundation walls, concrete panels, exterior basement & retaining walls

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