Thank you for visiting our website.  We are a  Cleveland area stocking distributor of HYDROSTOP™ products. Whether you are a roofer, property manager or building owner HYDROSTOP's sustainable roofing system is the best choice for a long-term solution to your low-slope and flat roofing difficulties. HYDROSTOP™ along with the United Coatings™ products offers you the ability to completely waterproof your entire building envelope.

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The HYDROSTOP™ PremiumCoat system provides superior roof leak protection around drains, AC curbs, seams, fasteners, parapets, transitions, expansion joints and skylights.   It is a simple solution that saves the expensive cost to tear-off roofs. This product does not contain any petroleum products and has a Class A fire rating.  HYDROSTOP™ is a liquid-applied acrylic elastomeric product and is a proven energy saver during the long hot days of summer.  It keeps the roof cool; no more than 98 degrees Fahrenheit on average, as compared to 190 degrees Fahrenheit for tar roofs. In testing performed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the cooling energy savings of “cool roofing” far exceeds the increase in heating costs everywhere in the US except for the most remote areas of Alaska.

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You will no longer have to incur the expense of having to tear-off your flat or low slope commercial or industrial roof off of your building. HYDROSTOP™ Liquid-Applied PremiumCoat Roofing System can adhere to almost any substrate; EPDM, 3-ply, bitumen, insulation board, concrete, metal (including rusted metal), plywood or single ply sheeting.  If your budget won't stretch far enough to complete the whole roof, HYDROSTOP™can be applied in targeted areas when funds are limited.  Later, additional areas can be added by simply overlapping the edge of the previously applied HYDROSTOP™ area by 4 inches.

When applied by a certified contractor, GAF offers a 15-year warranty on this multi-layer roof system for a minimal charge.  This product can be kept on the roof permanently.  With proper maintenance, the warranty can be extended by simply re-coating the top white coat every 15 years.  This re-coating brings the surface back to the original HYDROSTOP™ system specifications. Giving you peace of mind and an extendable warranty!

A very important financial consideration of the HYDROSTOP™ PremiumCoat Roof System is this product is a one-time, deductible expense as a repair or maintenance item rather than a capital expenditure requiring years to depreciate, improving your bottom line.  Landlords and investors are particularly fond of this feature!  Ask about our fact sheet on the deductibility, of this product and  of course, consult with your accountant.

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